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Biscotte Heel

Between mother and daughter

The idea of the Biscotte heel comes from a wild flower Joséphine used to draw regularly on her notebook.This poppy reminds her of her daughter Inès who would pick some flowers for her when they were walking together in the parc.

From flower to cork

The so-called Biscotte heel was born through a “search for heel style”. Josephine begins to refine and to practice in the school's workshops. She obtains the shape of the heel by cutting and modeling from a piece of cork that becomes her first prototype.

From learning to manufacturing

Based on the prototype made at school, the rusk heel is manufactured in collaboration with a team of engineers in Portugal. After several factory tests, a mold was made exclusively for the AYJ brand. 

What does Biscotte refer to ?

It is in this same workshop that the name "Biscotte" was proposed by Inès, recalling the crispy bread rolls in the shape of rusks she tasted in a restaurant in the region.

Joséphine Yaba arouses curiosity with the design of her models, which gives a particular dimension to the AYJ universe.

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